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Monday, October 28, 2013

Waiting in Nongsa

As with most countries Indonesia has regulations governing foreign boats and foreigners in the country. In the case of Indonesia they can cause some frustration.

Clear to go!
Firstly, as foreigners we need a visa. There are essentially options. the first is a "social visa". This is valid for an extendible two month stay and is obtained from a consulate overseas on presentation of an invitation letter from a sponsor or agent. The second is a "visa on arrival". This is issued, to certain nationalities including British, at the point of entry on payment of a fee - USD 10 for 7 days, USD 25 for 30 days. Being close to Singapore we are using the visa on arrival approach - requiring a ferry trip every month - return fare SGD 40 each and using half a page in the passport each trip. The social visa, while allowing a longer stay, is single entry, so a new sponsor letter and application would be required on each entry.
As for the boat - to enter Indonesia, to cruise in Indonesia or to leave requires a CAIT (Cruising Authority for Indonesian Territory). This is be obtained through an agent, and requires the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Transportation. It takes 4-6 weeks between application and issue and costs IDR 2,200,000 (£ 125/USD 200). The CAIT is valid for 3 months and can be extended for a fee of IDR 1,800,000. It is also single entry; if the boat leaves Indonesia a new CAIT is required to reenter. Confused so are most people!
Our CAIT, originally obtained to cover our trip through Indonesia on our journey to South Africa, expired on 10 October. We should have applied for a renewal when we headed off to the UK but our minds were on other things and did not apply until after our return. Consequently we have been waiting for the renewal to permit us to leave Nongsa for a trip to the Anambas Islands. There were jobs to keep us occupied.  With the CAIT we could now apply for a port clearance, which takes only a few hours. Getting the marina bill right so we can pay it takes somewhat longer!

The American School Singapore

While waiting for Sea Bunny's CAIT, we needed a visa run to Singapore. Ley, on Crystal Blues, had agreed to look after friends children there & invited us to join her for a few days. This gave us an opportunity for shopping - fuel cans & metres of hose filled the spare bag.. Fresh fruit & veggies filled other bags, these are very watery in Batam.
The photos were taken when we visited the largest international school in the world with 3,6000 expatriate students The American School in Singapore to watch the younger child play soccer.The school site is 37 acres & has a strong athletic tradition. A shipping container had just delivered the pumpkins that the students are washing to sell for Halloween. In the UK Susan would probably have been escorted off the premises for taking the photos!

The cheerleader team

Track and sports hall

Ready for Hallowe'en

UK trip no 2 of 2013

There could not have been a warmer day in the UK for the funeral of Susan's mother back in her home town of March in Cambridgeshire & to be surrounded by so many supportive relatives.

Max and Archie
An upside of the unscheduled trip was the opportunity of extra visits to our children and grandchildren, so we set off on the well-travelled circuit via Bransgore, Edinburgh, Bath and Epsom, taking in a couple of stopovers en route and spending our wedding anniversary at the same hotel we were at for our 25th. Unsurprisingly there was also shopping for boat bits to do, mostly on the Internet, despite the significant amount we had done on our first trip!
The Water of Leith, Edinburgh

Swinging on Corstorphine Hill

On 25 September we were back on Sea Bunny in Nongsa Point Marina.