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Friday, December 26, 2014

Through the mangroves 10 December 2014

When we were last in the Tanjung Rhu anchorage in March 2011 (see blog entry) we did not have enough petrol for the outboard to risk the 10 km each way passage from there to the "Hole in the Wall".

Red line shows the route

It is quite a tortuous route, with a few branches, so we loaded up an iPad with Google maps so we could follow our progress and check which branch of the channels to take. Following the tour boats does not always work as they often head off down the side channels.
Lots of monkeys - even during the day

 At each end the channel is quite wide but in the middle it narrows and shallows. Apparently there used to be a tunnel at the narrowest point, but it is now a cutting.