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Monday, January 26, 2015

Christmas in Nai Harn - again

For the fifth time Sea Bunny was in Nai Harn bay at the SW of Phuket for Christmas.

Things in Phuket are a little different this year. Firstly, there are far fewer tourists. The fall in the value of the rouble has significantly reduced the number of Russians. In Ao Chalong we were able to rent a car for two days 3 days before Christmas - in previous years, no chance.
Nai Harn beach - no traders

Secondly, a crackdown on the black economy has removed some of the things that attract tourists. There are no masseuses or renters of sunbeds or beach umbrellas on the beaches. Apparently the police have even stopped people putting their own umbrella up, although we do see some. Restaurants and bars on the beach or squatting on national park or government land have been removed - by bulldozer we hear.

This adds up to the local Thai being more friendly to the tourists who are around

Understandably, with fewer customers, the big Christmas Eve party at the Ao Sane restaurant did not happen.