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Saturday, December 2, 2017

St George's Bermuda, founded 1609

St George's Town Hall
While Hamilton is the present capital of Bermuda, St George's was the original settlement and harbour. Visiting yachts clear in here, while cruise ships go to Dockyard (the former RN dockyard). Many yachts remain here, visiting the rest of the country by bus and/or ferry.
St Georges retains many old buildings and is a main tourist attraction, particularly around the old town square.
Town pillory
The pillory and adjacent stocks in the square do not appear to be used as punishment devices any more, but are popular for "selfies' and photos.

Regular "punishment" is, however, meted out to "a gossip and a scold". This is overseen by the town crier and happens at 1230 most days.

The town crier

The charge is read out

The accused is not without her supporters
About to receive punishment

Punishment is carried out
Still denying the charges she was dunked 6 more times

A tourist was also roped in as the town drunk, although witnesses, including the gossip, maintained that he was drinking with the town crier the previous evening and both were equally guilty. He was sentenced to a whipping at the whipping post, but the sentence was not carried out!