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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Portsmouth - but no HMS Victory

As befits a place with as illustrious a name as Portsmouth the one in Dominica is well organised for cruisers. The "boat boys" have organised themselves into a cooperative - Portsmouth Association of Yacht Services (PAYS). If you deal with a member you get a professional service whether it be a mooring or a boat or land tour. There is a dinghy dock, an office and even a Sunday night BBQ and disco. We were approached offshore by a member of PAYS, we duly check in the Doyles guide and from then on it become apparent that the members  worked as a happy team.
Treehouse of Tia Dalma 

The Indian River trip, in Providence's boat, is up a small river into the rainforest. Our boatman was proud that one of the first things he showed us was a set from the Pirates of the Caribbean films - not having seen the film we cannot comment!
 Bird life was sparse, more crabs were in evidence.  The dappled sunlight shining through made it a very pleasant.
Crab on fungus

Buttress tree roots are everywhere
Most interesting was the vegetation..
Bird of Paradise flower - it hangs down , other heliconias go up.

Providence proved skillful at producing sculpture out of palm leaves - ours was a humming bird. On the way back, while rowing, he sang in a deep baritone voice the national anthem of Dominica which was heart warming to hear.
While in Portsmouth we caught up with Phil and Norma (Minnie B), spending a couple of evenings with them and their visitors, including an evening at the PAYS Sunday night BBQ and disco. Stewart and Anne, Bright Eyes also joined us and Stewart reinforced his reputation for stamina by extended dancing with two of the very active local girls - sometimes with both of them together.

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